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Welcome to Perpetual Motion Pumps. We produce the industry’s largest and fastest LPG recovery pumps. Designed and assembled in the United States using domestic and global parts, our pumps easily outwork the competition. Our mammoth pump, “The Prophet”, pumps at 28 cfm (3.33x the size of a Corken T91) while running quietly at only 68db. This was achieved while working with the industry’s leading developers. Unlike the other recovery pumps on the market, The Prophet features a dual stage design which allows for greater delta pressure between the inlet and outlet of the pump, creating higher output pressures (propane) and lower inlet pressures (vacuum). The ability to pull vacuum against the inlet lowers the boiling point of the recovering solvents allowing them to vaporize faster, speeding up your recovery times. In addition, this pump can be used to pull initial vacuum in the extraction system.

From improving build out ease and making a quieter work environment, to record-fast recovery times, our pumps will drastically improve your facilities efficiency. PMP is here to exceed all industry expectations and standards.