Variable Speed Installation Kit:

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Our installation kit features all the major components needed to install the electrical side of the pump in most installations for C1D1 facilities.  This install kit allows for full variable control over the pump's speed during operation with controls inside the C1D1 lab environment.  Giving the user the ability to control the pumps speed on the fly is an industry first only available with PMPumps!  This is exceptionally useful for slowing the recovery process towards the end of the run so the pump does not out-run the evaporation. 

The variable speed works with either single phase or three phase locations (single phase is automatically converted to 3P with the VFD driver).



Digital 3-phase inverter with VFD

C1D1 rated  power switch

C1D1 rated potentiometer control

Contactor enclosure


Initial VFD settings: VFD SETTINGS